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Product Details


Product Name:

Intelligent grouting machine

The product description

main feature:
1. The pumping pressure is large, suitable for grouting of low water ash and high viscosity mortar.
2. Integration of mixing, slurry storage and grouting, easy to use.
3. The grouting pipe is connected by a quick joint, which is easy to disassemble and clean.
4. Easy to operate, safe and reliable, easy to maintain.
5. Compact structure and flexible movement, especially suitable for places with small working space.

The main purpose

1. Mainly used for tunnel grouting construction of tunnel lining trolley

2. Used for lining, anchoring and support grouting in tunnel and tunnel construction.

3. In geotechnical engineering, it is suitable for medium or low pressure filling or crack grouting, penetrating grouting and compact grouting.

4. In foundation engineering, it can be used for soft foundation reinforcement, foundation settlement correction and anti-leakage pressure grouting.

5. In the pile foundation project, it can be used for mortar injection in jet grouting piles and mixing piles.

6. Used in horizontal and vertical mortar transportation in construction projects. This equipment can also be used for continuous wall spraying if equipped with air compressors and spray guns.

7. Transfer slurry raw materials and waste materials in the chemical industry and paper industry.

8. In the thermal power plant, used to transport pulverized coal mortar.

9. It is used for grouting and slope protection in national defense and civil air defense projects and mine tunnel construction.

10. In the maintenance of highway pavement, it is used for grout filling of cement pavement collapse.

11. In the water conservancy project, it can be used for curtain grouting and consolidation grouting of hydropower stations, reservoirs and dams, and can also be used for reinforcement of well walls.

12. Used in the maintenance of slurry transportation of blast furnaces and other equipment in metallurgy, steel and other industries.


Technical parameters

Supply power

380V 50Hz

Motor power




Maximum working pressure


Mixer power


Vertical conveying distance


Mortar horizontal conveying distance


Dimension(L × W × H)



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